Partner Status

The target level of involvement for a Partner Church includes the core expectations plus . . .

  • Contribute to the General Budget of the CKNB and/or to a specific CKNB Ministry Area
  • Be an active part of the Executive Committee. A Partner Church’s Pastor (or his appointee) and one other representative are granted voting privileges. A Partner Church is encouraged to enlist church leaders and members to attend Executive Committee Meetings so they may be knowledgeable of the work of the CKNB.
  • Complete and submit the annual report provided by the CKNB
  • Their members are eligible to serve as General Officers and on the Leadership Team.

A church desiring to become a Partner Church is asked, as evidence of their qualifications for affiliation, to submit the following to the Executive Director/Lead Church Consultant:

  • A completed application form supplied by the CKNB
  • Affirmation of the CKNB Doctrinal Statement
  • Copies of the following documents which have been approved/affirmed by the church: articles of faith, church covenant, church governing documents, as well as other documents that testify they are of like faith and order.
  • A roster of church officers.

Upon receipt of this information the CKNB Executive Director/Lead Church Consultant shall review the material with the CKNB Affiliation Director and the CKNB President and arrange a meeting with Church Leaders. Once all materials are in order, the affiliation request will be presented at the next scheduled Executive Committee Meeting for their input and prayerful consideration. Upon the two-thirds approval of the Executive Committee the church will be affiliated with the CKNB and will be officially recognized as a Partner Church at the next Annual Celebration.