Irishtown Renovation To Begin. Volunteers are Needed!

On May 17, the Leadership Team of the CKNB met and approved a renovation plan for the Irishtown Ministry Buildint. Irishtown is home to several Network Compassion Ministries as well as the current shared home of 3 International (Congolese, Nepali) church Congregations.

For years, the Irishtown facility has been a place of missions and ministry, and it is the desire of our network to see Irishtown flourish. There has long been a need to revitalize the structure of the facility, and plans have now begun on that vision.

The time is here for renovations of Irishtown Ministry Building and we need your help. 

We have already begun the demolition of the roof and most of the interior.  We still have some wood, drywall, and ceiling that needs to get removed.  We are trying to get all the interior cleaned up and ready for trusses to be set starting Monday May 30.  Below is a form to sign up to help remove debris and clean up before construction can begin.  Please check all days and times available to volunteer.  Feel free to call if you have any questions.  Thank you for volunteering!

Couple of Things To Keep In Mind:

  • 1. No power at the building
  • 2. Bathrooms do work
  • 3. Bring own tools, we don’t leave anything at the building
  • 4. If you need a ladder, 4 ft. will be sufficient.

Stephen V. Bruce
CKNB Executive Ambassador

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