“How To Become A Church That Cares Well for the Abused” is now available

At our May Leadership IQ, Brad Hambrick (Chair of SBC President’s Task force on Sexual Abuse) introduced our Network to a newly developed resource to assist churches in the effort to provide better ministry, care and prevention for the abused in our midst.

This month, the Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused video curriculum and handbook were made available at www.churchcares.com. Because the curriculum team generously donated their time and expertise for this project, along with the generosity of Lifeway, Broadman & Holman, the ERLC, Ministry Grid, and the SBC the videos and e-book are free and the hard copy edition of the handbook is available at cost.

You can help get the word out about these resources to as many churches as possible by sharing with the ministry leaders in your spheres of influence. That can be as simple as a retweet.