Questions & Answers concerning Federal Assistance available to churches & ministries

I have heard there may be federal financial assistance available to churches and ministries. Is this true? Yes, you may consider several options made available to your church or ministry by the COVID Phase III Stimulus Package to help your church or ministry through this difficult time. What options are available? The Stimulus package makes […]

COVID-19: President Calls for Sunday, March 15, 2020 to be A National Day of Prayer

In a press conference on Friday, March 13, 2020, President Donald Trump declared this Sunday, March 15, to be a national day of prayer as a response to the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) global pandemic. The President’s declaration comes just days after Southern Baptist Convention President, Dr. JD Greear, released a declaration inviting the 47,000+ SBC […]

An Open Letter to Someone Considering Leaving the Faith

Recently, Brad Hambrick of Summit Church (Raleigh, NC) sent our Network a request regarding how to respond to someone who is considering leaving the Christian faith. We at the CKNB wanted to pass along Brad’s impassioned effort to help fellow believers counsel those dear to them in a questioning season. Read Brad’s thoughts and follow […]

WMU to Host Family & Missions Picnic

The Women’s Missionary Union is pleased to invite all Network Pastors and families to the annual picnic, which will be held July 15, 2019 at Gano Baptist Church in Georgetown. The picnic will begin at 6:00pm. Please see the attached flyer for detailed information.

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