An Open Letter to Someone Considering Leaving the Faith

Recently, Brad Hambrick of Summit Church (Raleigh, NC) sent our Network a request regarding how to respond to someone who is considering leaving the Christian faith. We at the CKNB wanted to pass along Brad’s impassioned effort to help fellow believers counsel those dear to them in a questioning season. Read Brad’s thoughts and follow the link to his open letter below…


Recently there has been a significant amount of discussion about a prominent Christian leader who renounced his faith. That discussion got me thinking, “He can’t be the only one.” It struck me that individuals wrestling this kind of decision feel very alone and that this sense of isolation must impact their choice.

My intent in this letter is not to engage as the “most convincing apologist” but as someone who has sat with many people during times of profound transition as they discussed things they didn’t feel like they could talk about in their peer groups.

If this article has its desired effect, it would result in someone questioning their faith taking it to the Christian friend they trust most and saying, “I would like to have a conversation like this.”

Request: If you would like to share this content in your spheres of influence, here are two ways to do so.

In Christ,
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